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Put 'Em Right Straight Through.

By John Barry.
AIR — Boatmen Dance.

With cheerful hearts our song we sing
With music make the welking ring,
Old Rough and Ready's priase shall sound,
And joyous harmony go round.

Chorus — Then ho! Freemen ho!
To your poets with nerves all steady,
Let every man do all he can
For brave old Rough and Ready
Higho! the people go
For Zack and Millard Fillmore too.

Then Locos all, both great and small,
Full conscious of their coming fall,
There is no trick they will not try
To beat old Zack before they die.
Then ho! Freemen ho!

The Hunkers,with their usual brass
Want us to go for Lewis Cass
But the people all know Cass to be
A regular C—ass without the C.
Then ho! Freemen ho!

The Bolters too, are up and dressed
To take their dance among the rest,
They shout and cry for Matty Van,
The little Foxey "used up man."
Then ho! Freemen ho!

The Locos all look mighty blue,
Both Hunkers and the Bolters too,
They feel used up, (and well they may,)
Their time has come — they've had their day
Then ho! Freemen ho!

Then onward Whigs, press onward all
We'll how the Locos in the Fall
What true and honest hearts can do
For Zack and Millard Fillmore too
Then ho! Freemen ho!