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531. Samuel E. Kercheval to Jesse W. Weik.

Rockport Ind Dec 2/87

Dear Sir:

Yours of the 23d ult to R.T. Kercheval at hand. My father R.T.K died Sept last one year ago, but the information desired I send you herewith with some additional facts about the marriage of the parties and the Lincoln family as furnished me by Joseph C. Richardson a resident of our town born in this County in 1816 and Knew Mr Lincolns family and the Grigsbys and Knew all about the marriage of Charles & Ruben Grigsby —

The marriage record shows license issued to Ruben Grigsby and Elizabeth Ray April 16th 1829 but can find no record of license to Chas Grigsby & Matilda Hankins, but Mr Richardson says both weddings occured on the same day and as was the custom in those days an infair was given by the parents of the grooms to the young married couples at the residence of the said parents and all the people for miles around in the County — (the County being sparsely settled) were invited to the infair except the Lincoln family — Augt 2d 1826 Aaron Grigsby, brother to Chas & Ruben, married Sarah Lincoln sister of Abe. His cruel treatment of his wife caused trouble between the Lincoln & Grigsby families and on account of that family feud the Lincolns were not invited to the infair and further the difficulty between Lincolns & Grigsbys was to be settled in the accustomed way of settleing differences between parties in those days, (a fist fight) the day arranged and the men of the country came out to witness the settlement of bad blood — Wm Grigsby said he would not fight Abe Lincoln, he was too large for him — Then Lincoln pitted his step brother John Johnson against Wm G. seconds were chosen. — Lincoln being second to Johnson and Wm Bolen second to Grigsby. The result was a draw fight between Grigsby & Johnson they being seperated and Wm Bolen got a shoulder dislocated by a blow from Lincoln — Sarah Grigsby lived but a short time and her husband married again soon after her death — Mr Richardson who gave me this information knew Lincoln personally and well — What Magazine are you furnishing this article for and what number?

Yours respy
Sam E. Kercheval

Library of Congress: Herndon-Weik Collection. Manuscript Division. Library of Congress. Washington, D.C. 4621 — 22



1. See §125.