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469. William Jayne to William H. Herndon.

Springfield Ill Dec 19th 1873

Dear Friend

I received your letter yesterday. I have heard your lecture commented on a good deal — The religious or rather those who claim to be, the pious ones; say why does Herndon drag this matter before the Public why not let Mr Lincoln's religious views stand as the Church & orthodox world have declared his views to be — A majority of the people I have heard talk believe you have told the truth as to his views, but even some of those who believe you are right in your views, think it might be well enough not to tell the whole truth The orthodox world is determined to claim Abraham, & are not willingly going to give up one of their idols.

I have been to the Journal Office & looked over the papers, but do not find many notices either good or bad —

I dont think the Chicago papers published your lecture, if they did I failed to see them & I have noticed pretty close.

The Times published part of it. I do not see the Chicago Sunday papers — The Globe, St Louis in their Sunday issue published it entire — [Olney?] furnished them a copy The New York Herald is very bitter on you

Any man who strikes any blows at the orthodox faith of this country must expect some bitter assaults. Orthodoxy pays, but in this country — Editors know which side of their bread is buttered.


I have this morning seen an editorial in the Inter Ocean, which I think is the fairest & most impartial of any thing on the Lincoln Herndon & Reed controversy. I send you the paper by mail also a Globe

I had a talk with Ninian Edwards to day in the barber shop —

I find that he is not so good an orthodox witness in private as in the public prints —

So I guess with all if they would tell the whole truth —

Yours truly
W Jayne

Library of Congress: Herndon-Weik Collection. Manuscript Division. Library of Congress. Washington, D.C. 3114



1. A Chicago newspaper.