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A Bill for an act to Establish a State Road from Peoria to Hendersonville.

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An act to establish a State road from Peoria to Hendersonville.

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois represented in the General Assembly: That Stephen French of Peoria county, and Henry McClenahan and Wilson Brown of Knox county, be, and they are hereby appointed commissioners to view, mark and locate a state road from Peoria in Peoria county by way of Prince's mill to Hendersonville in Knox county.

Sec. 2. Said commissioners shall meet at Hendersonville on the first monday in April next, or within six months thereafter, and, after being duly sworn by some Justice of the Peace, faithfully to perform the duties required of them by this act, shall proceed to locate said road, on the nearest and best route, avoiding, as much as the public convenience will permit, the injury of private property; and shall mark the same, by blazing the timber on the timbered land, and fixing stakes on the Prairie land.

Sec. 3. Said commissioners shall make a map and report of so much of said road as lies in Peoria county, and file the same with the clerk of the county commissioner's court of said county; and a like map and report of so much as lies in Knox county and file the same with the clerk of the county commissioners court said county. The county commissioners courts of Peoria and Knox counties shall allow said commissioners such compensation as they, respectively, shall deem just and reasonable

Sec. 4. Said road shall be worked, and kept in repair, as other State roads are.


A Bill for an act to establish a state road from Peoria to Hendersonville