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Rallying Song


TUNE -- Susannah

WE'VE come up together, boys,
To pledge both heart and hand,
To fight against that foe to right,
The Border Ruffian Band;
Then let the shoult swell forth, my boys,
Ring out from sea to sea,
There is a North as well as South,
And Kansas shall be free!

CHORUS. -- Rise, bold freemen,
Arise from hill and dale;
Your watchword, "Jessie, and the right,"
There's no such thing as fail!


The hour has come, and we are called
To join fair Freedom's van;
'Tis headed by an "engineer,"
A very "rash young man;"
His heart is stout, his arm is strong,
And both are pledged to free
The virgin soil his feet first trod
From death an slavery.

CHORUS.-- Rise, bold freemen, &c.

Speak! shall we idly stand and see
This fair land drenched in woe?
Hark! from each hill and valley deep
The Bay State answers, No!
Hurrah for our Surveyor, bold,
Now give us three times three;
Fling forth your banner to the breeze,
FREMONT and Victory!

CHORUS. -- Rise, bold freemen, &c.