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33. Statement on ancestors of Lincoln.

The ancestors of President Lincoln were among the earliest settlers of the County of Rockingham in the State of Virginia — the ____ grand-father of the President became the owner of a very valuable tract of land on the waters of Linville's Creek about eight miles North of Harrisonburg — the county Seat of Rockingham — the tract contained ___ acres is now divided into __ farms is well


improved and highly fertile and productive (Mema — all barns and out building — were destroyed by Sheridans army acting under orders we presume of the President) — was procured by purchase 176_ from Hite Green & McKay — grantees from the r____ royal Governor of Va as shown by ____ 176_ now of record in the County of Augusta — ________ the — grand father died in ____ and by will conveyed his land to his sons — ___ the ____ grandfather of the President emigrated to Kentucky in [blank space] ______ — There are numerous decendants, family Still residing in the County and owning and occupying the land originally belonging to _______ Lincoln the earliest progenitor of the family — they are in general in easy and independant circumstances, Some of them may be Said to be wealthy. they are respectable, and worthy citizens, In the late unfortunate controversy between the North & South, when the dreadful alternative, of taking sides was was forced upon them, those who were liable to bear arms without a single exception cast their fate with the land of their birth. and during the whole term of the war, faithfully performed their duty as they believed, and bore themselves gallantly and bravely as confederate Soldiers, — Several were severely wounded in the various battles —

Since, the surrender of Lee and the close of the War they have in common with all our people, acquiesced in the decision, and are now Loyal and law-abiding Citizens of the U.S.

The family trace their descent from the Lincoln family of Massachusetts, and still retain the same family names. To wit: Levi, Mordecai, Abraham, Jacob, John, David &c — Dorcas, Abigal — Rebecca &c Jacob Lincoln, who died in this County in the year 18__ was a Lieuten at the Seige of Yorktown and after his death the writer Knows, that his representatives — applied for pay for this services under the pension laws of the U.S. and that the late President then a member of Congress from Illinois, as their Kinsman, kindly undertook to attend to the matter in Congress, The correspondence between the P. & the family on the subject cannot now be found)

They always wrote and pronounced their name — "Lincoln" — as Shown by all, deeds wills & of record in our courts — Yet the common pronnciation — by the vulgar and illiterate was Linkhorn — which was often annoying & offensive to them, The wills, deeds and other records of the Courts containing much valuable information in relation to the History of the Lincoln were burned by Gen Hunter in _____ 1864 at the time of his famous raid up the Valley.