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52. Nathaniel Grigsby to William H. Herndon.

Gentryville Ind. July the 4th. 1865.

Dear Sir:

Yours of June 25. 1865, is just received; it finds me in bad health at the present time, but I shall attend to your request as soon as possible. I am truly glad to know that you are writing the history of that good and great man; for [you] alone can do him justice. I will now say to you that I am an old acquaintence and personal and political friend of his; himself and I being [at] school in the same room, also his only Sister married my oldest brother Aaron Grigsby, but that good woman died January 15th. 1826, being nineteen years of age, leaving no heir. I received a note from your Attorney at Rockport some days since, informing me of your object, I immediately went to see him, and told him to come out to Gentryville, and I would go the round with him, and see all of Abraham Lincoln's old friends, and obtain all of the history of the Lincoln family. He said that his business would not permit of his attending to it immediately. As you appear anxious to get all of the history of the Lincoln's; and true history. I would suggest the idea of getting some history in Hardin Co. Ky., where he was born. Any thing that I can do for the history of that good and great man, I shall be happy to do it. Having lately returned from the Army, where I was in the service, in poor health, I am now out of employment at the present time.

With these remarks I shall subscribe myself,
Your friend
N. Griggsby.

P.S. Excuse bad writing and spelling, as my health is poor. I cannot collect my ideas to-day. I hope to hear from you soon.

Huntington Library: LN2408, 1:295 — 97