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"Ye Heralds of Freedom."


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TUNE: "I would not live always."

1.Ye heralds of Freedom, ye noble and brave,
Who dare to insist on the rights of the slave,


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Go onward, go onward, your cause is of God,
And he will soon sever the oppressor's strong rod.

2. The finger of slander may now at you point,
That finger will soon lose the strength of its joint;
And those who now plead for the rights of the slave,
Will soon be acknowledged the good and the brave.

3. Through thrones and dominions and kingdoms and powers,
May now all oppose you, and victory is yours,
The banner of Jesus will soon be unfurled,
And he will give freedom and peace to the world.

4. Go under his standard and fight by his side,
O'er mountains and billows you'll then safely ride,
His gracious protection will be to you given,
And bright crowns of glory he'll give you in heaven.