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595. John P. C. Shanks (Jesse W. Weik Interview).

Portland, Ind. Sep 19 1891

Mr. Shanks: On cars to accompany Lincoln to Wash. At Indps with Gen Tom. Nelson meets L at dinner — Bates House — never saw L. before Shanks has unfortunate red nose to which L. calls attention at table. L. is worried over it. When the cars reach Cincinnati Nelson & Shanks go to drug store near Burnet House and see old druggist who suggests tipping the nose during the night with slight touches of acetic acid on pieces of cotton. This is done frequently during night. Next morning on looking into mirror Shanks in dressing discovers that too much acid is used and nose is bleached & shrivelled like wash-womans finger. Shanks is afraid to go into breakfast but his place at table being vacant L. will not meal to begin till Shanks comes in. When he does all laugh. L. asks Shanks why his nose is like blackslider. No answer. "Because" says L. "the last state of that nose is worse than the first."

Illinois State Historical Library: Weik Papers, box 1