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579. Jesse K. Dubois (Jesse W. Weik Interview).

[1883 — 89]

J K Dubois — was admin. of L's estate — went to N.Y. arranged $64,000 clm agst estate for Jewelry bought by Mrs L of Ball Black & Co of N.Y. without L's knowledge.

One day J K Dubois came to Ls office and found him going home with piece of meat for breakfast. D. accompanied him to house — Ms L. had some aristocratic company frm Ky and met L & D. as they came in the door. Upon opening the paper of meat she became enraged at the Kind L had bought. She abused L. outrageously and finally was so mad she struck him in the face. Rubbing the blood off his face L. told D. to accompany and both left the house and went down without breakfast &c.

Illinois State Historical Library: Weik Papers, "Real Lincoln" notes folder



1. Dubois may have acted as an agent in this transaction for David Davis, who was AL's executor.