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601. Charles S. Zane (William H. Herndon Interview).


Chas. S. Zane

I heard Lincoln say about 1858 — say in October, that the Know-nothings — their ideas & platform wanted to circumscribe the Election franchise — universal Suffrage. That he was opposed to it — That he wanted to lift men up & give 'Em a chance. Lincoln said that he loved Joseph Gallespie — respected him highly &c — but he (L) Could not Endure to talk to J on that ground — that he (L) got Excited — So did Judge — and the best way was to quit

I know of a case in the Supm Court about 1849. or 1850. in which I (Herndon) wanted Lincoln to assist me to argue a question that involved the law of the Extension or contraction — , lessening & narrowing the right of Suffrage, it being a City Case & I being Mr L's partner as well as city attorney and he would not help me — Saying — "I am opposed to the limitation — the lessening of the right of suffrage — am in favor of its Extension — Enlargement — want to lift men up and broaden them — don't intend by no act of mine to Crush or Contract."

Library of Congress: Herndon-Weik Collection. Manuscript Division. Library of Congress. Washington, D.C. 4004