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482. George B. Balch (Statement for Jesse W. Weik).


The Grave of the
Father of Abraham Lincoln
By Geo. B. Balch.

The grave described in the following lines is situated in a quiet Country church yard near the south line of Coles Co Illinois. Until the year 1876 a small boulder


and a little mound of earth was all that marked the last resting place of Thomas Lincoln, the "Amram" of America.

In February 1861 Abraham Lincoln visited the last resting place of his humble Sire, and with his pen-knife cut the initials "T.L." on a bit of oak board and placed it at the head of the grave; this was afterwards carried away by some curiosity hunter and the grave was only distinguished from others by the few remaining persons who were present at the burial.

In 1876 as before alluded to the writer, fearing that the grave would be entirely lost, pened the annexed lines and had them published in some of the local papers; this called attention to the matter, and about four years thereafter a suitable stone was placed over the grave.

Library of Congress: Herndon-Weik Collection. Manuscript Division. Library of Congress. Washington, D.C. 4584 — 86



1. Father of Moses.

2. A six-stanza poem by Balch is omitted.