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"Give 'em Jessie."


AIR -- Yankee Doodle.

I STARTED out with the Buchaneers
To join the amazin' doin's;
The firing crackers and th guns,
The yellings and boohooings.
Then fire away, my gallant lads,
And Freedom's sons will bless ye,
And if old Buck don't clear the track
FREMONT will "give him Jessie."


This song I heard on every breeze
That came a swelling o'er us;
'T was sung by voices strong and loud,
And this was all the chorus.
Then fire away, &c.

It made Buck rear and prance about
Like Dobbin at a training,
Or like a Yankee when he heard
Of Mister Sumner's caning.
Then fire away, &c.

Between me and the Buchaneers
There was a dissolution;
I joined the brave and true around
Our noble Constitution.
Then fire away, &c.

They prated then with boohoos loud,
About the Union breaking;
I wonder how Old Buck can save
What he ne'er was after making!
Then fire away, &c.

Away with old Buchanan, then,
The worn-out politician,
For Young America's free choice
Shall rule this mighty nation.
Then fire away, &c.

And Freedom's star shall brightly shine
And plenty's horn shall bless ye,
When in the White House we enshrine
FREMONT and gentle Jessie.
Then fire away, &c.