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618. Clarissa Tuft Van Nattan (WHH Interview)


Two young girls by the name of Tuft lived about 1855 in Springfield near Mr Lincoln's home: the girls were aged 13 & 15 respectively. One of these girls is now my neighbor & has been for near 20 years. She is respected & truthful and tells the following facts to me — She and her younger sister was sent out in the praire to drive up the Cows. They got the cow & were Coming home with her and as they came into the outskirts of the City they were running & romping as young girls do. The younger sister got on the pavement & was running backwards as fast as she could run. Lincoln's face was towards her back & her back towards Lincolns


face As she was running with her back toward Lincoln, he going East and she going west her foot caught in the pavement somehow & was about to receive a terrible fall, when Lincoln stretched out his long arms and Caught her and saved her from a hard fall on the bricks.

Lincoln looked down into the girls face while he held her in his arms with one of his kind, tender, and sympathetic looks and instantly thereby assured the girl that she was safe in his great arms. The little girl looked up and smiled, and thanked Lincoln for what he did. Lincoln put the girl on he feet, Saying to her — "Now my little daughter you can say that you have been in Abrahams bosom". The girl laughed most heartily at Lincoln's off hand hit.

Library of Congress: Herndon-Weik Collection. Manuscript Division. Library of Congress. Washington, D.C. 3763



1. Marginal note: One of these girls the older was Married Some 20 years ago & is now my neighbor — Her name now is Mrs Norman Vannattin.

2. The Tufts lived on Eighth Street at Madison, three blocks north of the Lincolns.