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The Siege of Fort Meigs.


The music is adapted from the popular air, "Oh, 'twas my delight of a shiny night, in the season of the year."

'Twas in the month of May, my boy, full thirty years ago
That HARRISON within Fort Meigs, was surrounded by the foe,


And Proctor, with his Englishmen, his army did assail,
With many savage Indians to follow in his trail;
With cannon many days they tried to bring our bright flag down,
And place above the fort instead, the standard of the crown;
With cannon we replied to them, for we Yankees did not fear,
'Twas our delight as men to fight in the spring time of the year.
Oh! 'twas our delight as men to fight in the spring time of the year.

'Twas on the first of May, my boys, their batteries began
To pour their balls upon our fort and slaughter many a man.
For five long days they kept it up — five days of iron rain —
For five long days we sent them back their iron balls again;
But on the fifth of May, my boys, KENTUCKY under CLAY,
Sent some brave soldiers to our aid, who fought to us their way,
Through Indian guile and British force, they found a path quite clear,
'Twas their delight with us to fight in the spring time of the year.
'Twas their delight, &c.

And then brave HARRISON declared he would no more remain,
Within the fort, but in the field a victory would gain;
He call'd his hardy soldiers and led them to the field,
Their fearless hearts and heavy hands soon made the foeman yield;
Though twice as many Englishmen and Indians fought that day,
The Yankees spiked their cannon, and pris'ner bro't away;
The British soon got tired of this, and thought they'd better clear,
Oh! a hasty flight was their delight in the spring time of the year.

Where was the statesman Martin, when HARRY beat the foe,
And Proctor's idle boasting by his valor was laid low!


Within a lawyer's office — oh! he was seated then,
And resting in a rocking chair — his fingers held the pen!
And then he wrote against the War, and said it was not right,
That the lives of good militia men should be thrown away in fight;
Which of the two the people love will soon be very clear,
For HARRISON will be our chief in the spring time of the year.
For HARRISON will, &c.

Success to gallant HARRISON, the leader true and tried,
Who in the spring time of his youth, his country's foes defied,
Who in the field right manfully led onward to the fight,
And who in council fearlessly contended for the right:
Bad luck to those who vainly strive to blot an honored name;
Bad luck to those who would destroy the laurels of his fame;
Success to those throughout the land who hold his virtues dear;
Tis their delight for him to fight at any time of year!
'Tis their delight, &c.