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The American Flag.


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Proud flag of my country! all gallantly streaming
In the breeze of the battle when glory appears,
The stern scarlet blaze of its hurricane braving
While mercy hangs round with her olive and tears.


Proud flag of my country! 'tis transport to meet
Some smoke-colored hero, who bled under thee;
As he rushed after victory's blood-dripping feet,
And grasped the wild laurel that blossoms o'er the sea.

Yes, yes, if there's one whom a nation should love,
One high-minded man, whom e'en angels admire,
It is he, who, with spirit all flushed from above
With the rich loyal bloom of the patriot's fire,
Dares stand between danger and thee, in the hour
When the tyrant would tread on thy peace and thy power.
Dares stand, &c.