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Sympathy for Steve.


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Air. -- Day of Adam and of Eve.
W. P. D.

1. There is a little man he lives in the west,
To get into a fuss he's always done his best,

O I grieve, I grieve and I can't but grieve,
For the fate which awaits, our poor little STEVE.

To the Missouri Compact the people did agree,
But the pesky little Dug he couldn't let it be.

Oh, I grieve, &c.

He used every means, and he labored night and day
Until he got his point, and the compact done away.

From this very thing so many evils grew,
That the nation ever since is always in a stew.

Old Steve began to fear his cake was made of dough,
And so he looked around for something else to do.

What should the fellow do his credit to redeem,
But with Buck and Lecompton to raise a mighty steam.

He labored hard and long in water cold and hot,
And when he could not stand how nicely he could squat.

But the people are not blind that they cannot easy see
That our Dug was only fishing a President to be.

To this the people say we never can agree;
We want no tricky knaves as Douglas proves to be.

We've looked North and South, and we've looked East and West,
And Old Honest ABE is the man we like best.