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Part 2: Informant Testimony Reported in Herndon's Lincoln: The True Story of a Great Life (1889).

The following letters, interviews, and statement are taken from the first edition of Herndon and Weik's biography. They appear to be based on existing documents, the originals of which have not been located.

604. William L. Wilson to William H. Herndon.

February 3, 1882

I have during that time had much fun with the afterwards President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. I remember one time of wrestling with him, two best in three, and ditched him. He was not satisfied, and we tried it in a foot-race for a five-dollar bill. I won the money, and 'tis spent long ago. And many more reminiscences could I give, but am of the Quaker persuasion, and not much given to writing.

Herndon & Weik (1889), 97n



1. A portion of a letter, prefaced in the biography: "William L. Wilson, a survivor of the [Black Hawk] war, in a letter under date of February 3, 1882, after detailing reminiscences of Stillman's defeat, says. . . ." No original has been found.