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My Heart's With Brave Harry, the Honest and True.


TUNE — "My heart's in the highlands, my heart is not here."

My heart's with brave Harry the honest and true,
My vote's for the soldier of Tippecanoe,
Who, when battle's thick cloud gathered over our land,
Stood forth the bold chief of a conquering band.
Farewell to Van Buren the wary and sly,
There is guile in his heart, and deceit in his eye;
He flatters the many to fatten the few,
But the right soon will triumph with Tippecanoe.

Come up from the south and come up from the north,
To put in the statesman and farmer of worth;
Come up from the east and come up from the west,
To put out the worst man, and put in the best.
Let Martin once more have permission to look,
At his cabbages growing at Old Kinderhook,
Send the fox to his hole, and to save us from harm,
Call the fearless old soldier to come from his farm.