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THE following collection of Lyrics is offered to the Whig Public, in the hope that the music and the sentiments therein contained will in some degree stimulate that enthusiasm which the name, the well-earned fame, and the glorious history of WINFIELD SCOTT are so well calculated to kindle. "Let me make the songs of a people, and I care not who makes their laws," is a remark full of truth, for many are the instances in our own times when the soul-stirring tones of a popular song have wrought deeds that no effort of argument or eloquence could produce. In France, the logician may argue, the orator declaim, but the tyrant will allow no man to sing "Mourier pour a patrie," or "La Marseillaise."

The cheering effect of popular melodies at political gatherings was fully manifested in the days of "Tippecanoe and Tyler, too," and so universally acknowledged, that even the prosaic Democracy have ever since followed the fashion, and unmercifully murdered sense, rhyme and music in endeavoring to warble the praises of their candidates and principles. But Whigs sing as naturally as water runs down hill, and the melodies of "Van, Van is a used up man," "That same Old Coon," "Hurra for Old Tippecanoe!" and many others, are, after a lapse of twelve years, as fresh in the memory as the immortal anthem of "Hail Columbia."

Let a glee-club, or a single volunteer at least, attend every Whig meeting, and sing some one of the following


songs, (or better if they can be found,) and our gatherings will be well attended, harmonious and more useful.

In writing and compiling this book, care has been taken to exclude vulgarities and ungenerous allusions, although the many opportunities offered in the history and principles of the Democratic party and its candidates were almost irresistible. We have rather chosen to display the heroic patriotism and brilliant history of our own leader, and in his cause we say --

Let those now sing who never sung before,
And those who always sung, now sing the more.