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Fremont Gathering Song


TUNE -- Highland Fling.

UP with the banner, boys,
Up with the banner;
Unfurl the stars and stripes,
Prairie winds fan her.

Steady the standard, boys,
Steady the standard;
Strong winds blow on it,
Seaward and landward.


Keep the ball rolling, boys,
Keep the ball rolling;
Never we'll play a gam
Needs better bowling.

Do to-day's duty, boys,
Do to-day's duty;
Next sun that shines hsall show
Dear freedom's beauty.

True, firm and steady, boys,
Fearless and steady;
Let all the other side
Know we are ready.

Truth should be stronger, boys,
Truth should be stronger;
Long have we borne the shame --
Bear it no longer.

Hold to our cause, my boys,
Hold to it ever;
Yield not a single foot;
Free, now or never.

Would they be slaves, my boys
Let them know we won't;
Stand for free Kansas, boys,
Free speech and Fremont.