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60. John T. Stuart (William H. Herndon interview).

July 21st 1865

The first time Stuart talked was about 5 days before this — SEE Little Book

Stuart further says that in 1834 & 6 Mr Lincoln was a Whig — supported Whig measures — Lincoln a mystery — Stuart was a candidate for Congress in '38 & took his seat '39 — Lincoln had no good — accute critical judgement or organizing power — had no idea of human nature — generally no will — when he put his foot down it was down. Stuart says he has been at L's house a hundred times, never was asked to dinner. In Washington L never asked about to any body — Says Judge Davis says so too — never asked Davis to dine — never asked Davis how the People were about Bloomington — When I was a candidate in 1838 went to Chicago — spoke there — the people applauded — hissed — this never pleased me — had never seen the like — heard the like — . The Yankees at that time didn't like Stump Speaking or Stump orators — they have changed now —

The Convention System was adopted in all America about 1836 it was a Van Buren Democratic measure. The Republicans adopted it in 1856 — so did the Democracy. In old times there was no such thing — Evry man became a candidate who wanted to — run on his own hook — spoke for himself &c — All met and discussed questions together — dys at it — People Came 30 — 40 mi to hear it &c — acted like People at church. — The real questions at issue in 1860 — to 65 — was really Federalism and State Sovreignty — Lincolns thinking was Federalism &c Johnson's is different.

Library of Congress: Herndon-Weik Collection. Manuscript Division. Library of Congress. Washington, D.C. 2240 — 41; Huntington Library: LN2408, 2:194 — 96



1. This was probably one of the small memorandum books in which Herndon recorded private information about AL and which he loaned to Ward Hill Lamon in December 1869. The books were never returned, and their whereabouts is unknown.

2. David Davis.

3. President Andrew Johnson.