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Little Vanny.


Song performed by: Chad Sheridan, Jason Schreiber (vocals) and Tara Dirst (banjo). Recording engineer: Matt Dotson.

Tune: "Rosin the Bow."

YOU can't make a song to Van Buren,
Because his long name will not do;
There's nothing about him allurin',
As there is about Tippecanoe!

He never was seen in a battle,
Where bullet and cannon shot flew;
His nerves would be shocked with the rattle
Of a contest like Tippecanoe!

While Harrison march'd to the border --
Sly Van staid at home as you know,
Afraid of the smell of gun-powder --
Then hurrah for Old Tippecanoe!

Little Matt was too tender a dandy,
To shoulder a musket and go
Where Harrison battled so handy,
As he did when at Tippecanoe;

But snug in his pretty silk stockings,
And dressed in his broadcloth all new,
He roasted his shins in a parlour --
Not fighting like Tippecanoe.

And now with his gold spoons and dishes,
He lives like a king with his crew;
He'll feast on the loaves and the fishes,
Till we put in Old Tippecanoe.