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The Democratic Vision.


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Air -- Yankee Doodle
W. P. D.

1. Wearied with toil, I sought repose
Beneath a branching fir tree,
And hardly did my eyelids close,
E'er tho'ts in dreams had left me,
I thought I heard an awful sound,
It fairly gave me Tremens,
It rent the air, and shook the ground,
Like cloven footed demons.

2. Cold sweat did start, my blood did chill,
From head to foot I trembled,
Deep horror every part did fill,
With thoughts of Fiends assembled;
Still on and on the legions came,
And as the Hosts drew nearer,
I stretched my vision o'er the plain
And heard and saw much clearer.

3. It seemed as if the Fiends of time
Had all been called together.
From every nation, land, and clime,
To war and fight each other,
And as they fought, by rage impelled,
They passed the plain before me;
In horror deep my breath I held,
A deathly chill came o'er me.


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5. Before they lay Despair's deep pit,
The verge they fast were nearing,
When on a jutting rock they split
And soon were disappearing;
An eager glance for names I cast.
And read, (what much did start me),
Upon the banner of the last: ---
"The Democratic Party"