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The Patriot Chief.


TUNE — "Hail to the Chief!"

Hail to the chief wreathed in victory's chaplet!
Hail him who triumphed in battle's fell din!
Now to the rescue advances the patriot,
Called from his plough civic garlands to win.
Our land aroused at length,
Puts forth her giant strength;
Liberty's altars are rousing their flames;
Spoils-men and Collar-men,
Cowering now tremble when
They think of the Tippecanoe and the Thames.

Columbia is bowed by the yoke of the tyrant,
That scattered her wealth and her fame to the wind;
She loathes and condemns every pampered aspirant,
Who pilfers her gold, his own fortunes to mend.
Up then your banner rear
High in the Heaven's free air;
Its folds are blazoned with patriot names.
Let no base traitor's fame
Bring its bright stars to shame,
The banner of Tippecanoe and the Thames.

Long have we paused for some wholesome reaction,
Listing the syren that sung of Reform;
Till the doom will be sealed of our country's destruction,
Unless we arouse and redeem her by storm.
Let all the traitors spurn,
Let every bosom burn,
Love for his country each patriot inflames;
Then send the war cry round,
'Till echo swells the sound,
‘The Hero of Tippecanoe and the Thames.’


Come to the rescue, ye sons of the heroes
Who bared their breasts in our country's first wars;
Curse not the bosoms in which their rich blood flows,
Shame not their gift of the Stripes and the Stars.
Swear that their legacy
Shall float ever free,
Long as their offspring shall bear their proud names
And stand by the veteran,
Time-honoured HARRISON,
The Hero of Tippecanoe and the Thames.