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Grand National Whig Song.


Tune — "While beams the bright morn."

"In the strength of your might, from each mountain and valley,"
Sons of freedom arise! The time is at hand —
Around liberty's standard we'll rally, we'll rally;
The star spangled banner floats over the land.
Then let the proud eagle spread his wings wide asunder,
And burst from the trammels which strive to enchain;
"If we rise in our strength, if we speak but in thunder,"
The bit of "strip'd bunting" will flourish again.

For our rights and our laws, we'll stand firm and united;
The blood of our fathers shall ne'er be forgot —
The faith and the honour which they sacredly plighted,
Shall never be tarnished by anarchy's blot.
Around liberty's standard we'll rally, we'll rally,
Old Tippecanoe, boys, the watchword shall be;
Its echo will thunder from each mountain and valley
Of the home of the brave — the land of the free.