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The Emblem of the Free.


Air — "'Tis dawn; the lark is singing," page 31.

Our emblem is the Cedar,
That knoweth not decay;
Its growth shall bless the mountains,
Till mountains pass away.

Its top shall greet the sunshine —
Its leaves shall drink the rain;
And on its lower branches,
The slave shall hang his chain.

God bless the Free Soil party —
The party of the free,
And give it faith and courage
To strike for Liberty.

This party — we will name it
Hath for a firm foundation,
The substance of the Soul.

It groweth out of reason,
The strongest soil on earth
How glorious is the promise
Of Him who gave it birth!

Of what is true and living,
God makes himself the nurse
While "ONWARD" cry the voices
Of all His Universe.