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Lovely Sally.


Music, with Piano-Forte Accompaniment, published by Henry M'Caffrey, Baltimore.

Oh, Sally is a color'd belle,
She lives near Pedee river;
And when she makes her Sunday swell,
What charms do I diskiver;
She holds me like a baby boy,
That never will grow bigger,
And when she smiles, what streams of joy,
Like 'lasses, soaks this nigger!

Oh, Sally is de color'd belle,
She sets the darkies crazy;
And when she makes her Sunday swell,
The other gals look hazy.

When Christmas came, she gin a ball,
Invited all the fellers;
And when I strutted in the hall,
I made all the darkies jealous.
Says I, "Look har! dis is the child
Who'll show you how to come it!"
You ought to see how Sally smil'd,
And other ladies gum it.

Oh, Sally, &c.


But Dandy Jim of Caroline,
Just fresh from Californy,
Came swelling in with fixin's fine,
And pockets full of money.
He bow'd and scraped to my sweet belle,
And she began to snigger;
How strange I felt I cannot tell,
He used up dis here nigger.

Oh, Sally, &c.

Then Jim and I went out to fight
A duel bout Miss Sally;
We fir'd and fir'd with all our might,
And no one could keep tally.
At length I hit him on the shin,
And he, too, knock'd my heel off;
Oh, you won't cotch me dare agin,
When I've a chance to steal off.

Oh, Sally, &c.