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The Dandy and the Farmer.


Tune — "On a streamlet," &c.

IN a cabin made of logs
By the river side,
There the honest farmer lives —
Free from sloth and pride.


To the gorgeous palace turn
And his rival see,
In his robes of regal state
Tinselled finery.

At the early morning light,
Starting with the sun —
See the farmer hold his plough,
Till the day is done.
In his silken bed of down
Martin still must be.
Menial servants waiting round,
Dressed in livery.

See the farmer to his meal
Joyfully repair;
Crackers, cheese, and cider too,
A hard but homely fare.
Martin to his breakfast comes
At the hour of noon;
Sipping from a china cup,
With a golden spoon.

See the farmer pace his fields,
Mark his lightsome foot;
Leaning now upon his staff
To catch a songster's note.
Martin's steeds impatient wait
At the palace door;
Outriders behind the coach,
And lackies on before.

Worthy son of noble sire —
At his country's call
The farmer left his happy home,
Friends — wife and children, all.


Onward to the battle field
His patriot course he took;
Where was cunning Martin then?
Lawing at Kinderhook!

Farmers! who from fertile lands,
Brush the morning dews,
Tell me for your president,
Which of these you choose!
Stout yeomen, pause before you speak,
It all depends on you.
Shall Martin fill that chair of state —
Or shall Tippecanoe?