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No. 79. Coming By-and-by.

Air — Coming By-and-by.

A better day is coming, a morning promised long
When girded right, with holy might, will overthrow the wrong;
When God, the Lord, will listen to every plaintive sigh,
And stretch His hand o'er every land, with Justice, by-and-by.

Coming by-and-by, coming by-and-by!
The better day is coming, the morning draweth nigh;
Coming by-and-by, coming by-and-by!
The welcome dawn will hasten on, 'tis coming by-and-by.

The boast of haughty Error no more will fill the air,
But age and youth will love the truth, and spread it everywhere;
No more from want and sorrow will come the hopeless cry,
And strife will cease, and perfect peace will flourish by-and-by.

Oh! for that welcome dawning, when happiness and peace
Shall bless the land from east to west, and suffering shall cease;
This glorious consummation our principles will bring,
Then plenty will our homes all fit; its coming; let us sing.