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No. 74. Are You Going to Vote Aright.

Air: Are You Going Home Tonight.

Election day is coming,
November's near at hand;
Gird on your armor, farmers,
And make a sturdy stand.
Will you vote for home and country,
And keep your record white?
Will you vote for Labor's honor?
Are you going to vote aright?

Are you going to vote aright?
Are you going to vote aright?
Will you vote against monopoly,
And make a gallant fight
'Gainst the power of cliques and rings
That have proved the nation's blight?
On the fourth of next November
Are you going to vote aright?

We've waited long for aid
That is promised every year;
Our spirits have grown faint,
And our hearts are filled with fear.
We've lost all hope of help,
And are searching for the light —
In the ballot box we'll find it
If all laborers vote aright.

The ballot box is mighty,
It rules o'er all the land;
You hold the nation's safety
Within your good right hand;
Will you use that power wisely,
And work with all your might
To save our glorious country?
Are you going to vote aright?