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No. 54. Looking Backward.

Tune — "The Beautiful River."

Looking backward o'er the record the Republicans have made,
Can we still support their party with these truths before us laid?
First they put "except" on greenbacks, causing gold to take a rise;
But T. Stevens saw the danger, tears went streaming in his eyes.

We'll vote for the labor party,
A good and reliable party,
Vote to support the lab'ring party,
That gives justice to all

Then they passed the national bank act, giving wealthy men the chance
To loan you money congress should do, and charge you high interest in advance,
Next, they contracted our money, and passed an act in '66,
Which burned up the national greenbacks on which the people paid no tax.

He who had a thousand greenbacks must invest them, if he'd gain;
But some enterprising business worked too hard his careworn brain;
So he makes a change with congress, takes an untaxed bond;
Congress now has got the greenbacks, in contraction they were burned.

The Credit Strengthening act comes next, which says these bonds must be paid
In the scarce currency of gold, and thus another plot was laid.
Then this debt must be refunded, 'twill not do to pay it yet;
Force it down on children's children, make them pay the enormous debt.

Yet to contract our money, silver must demonitize,
Thus retarding a settlement, giving gold another rise;
Still they soon resumed the silver; but demolished greenbacks small.
Since they have so much deceived us, need we listen to their call?