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Welcome Song.


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NOTE — May be used at close of degree or after the lecture in installation service.

1. We bid you here welcome to altar and heart,
We bid you here welcome, no longer to part;
We bid you here welcome to shrine and to hall,
We bid you here welcome, thrice welcome to all.


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Ye reapers, and fruiters, and florists, rejoice,
And here in thanksgiving all lift up the voice;
Oh, never may discord heart music destroy,
We'll sing the high chorus, the chorus of joy.

2. We pledge you our friendship, we pledge you our love;
We trust, to your pledges, you faithful may prove,
And, as down life's pathway we travel in hand,
May troubles and trials but strengthen our band,
Bind, friendship, our hearts with its bright golden chain,
That ne'er may be sundered while life doth remain,
But lead us together to bright realms on high,
Beyond earth's dark shadows, to God's starry sky.