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Newspaper Articles on Dressmaking Shops in DeKalb, Illinois.

DeKalb County, Illinois, Friday, September 5, 1941.

Dressmaking Shop Here Of Forty Years Ago


The above photograph is one that was found by Mrs. D. W. Swanson when she visited in the home of her sister in Calgary, Canada. It is a picture taken over 40 years ago, when Miss Lena Lindahl, now Mrs. F. O. Swanson of Sycamore, conducted a dressmaking shop over the Emil E. Johnson furniture store at that time. Those in the photograph are: (top row) Miss Selma Welander, Miss Lena Lindahl, Miss Hattie Hanley, Miss Huldah Hawkinson, Miss Nellie Spier, (bottom row) Miss Jennie Lindahl, Miss Stella Lakins and Miss Hilda Lindahl. The picture was sent from New Rockford, N. Dak., by Mrs. D. W. Swanson when she returned from her visit in Canada.


DeKalb County, Illinois, Tuesday, May 20, 1941.

Mrs. Morgan's Dressmaking Parlors Fifty Years Ago


The above is a scene of the dress-making parlor of Mrs. F. D. Morgan located over the Ainley's millinery store which today is part of the National Tea Co. here. The photograph, taken in 1892, is remarkable for its sharpness and the picture has been well preserved for the past 49 years. Those standing and seated at their various occupations as members of the force that made the dresses of the latest fashions and most modern styles of the day are, left to right, Bertie Betty, Katie McVealy (deceased), Mrs. Lina Swanson (the former Lina Lindahl), Mrs. F. D. Morgan (deceased), Maude Swanson (formerly of Genoa) and Lilly Warford. -- Photo through the courtesy of Guy Morgan of Sycamore.

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