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The Awful Commune.



Air: "Lather and Shave 'Em."

There's a beautiful class as ever was seen,
Who think that the people are remarkably green;
They pet up the Times and Chicago Tribune,
And set them to shouting, "The awful Commune."

CHORUS: -- With their tricks of trade!
Their tricks of trade!
Their tricks of trade --
So slyly they played.

And the press of like ilk all over the land,
Brought up by the bankers are showing their hand.
But they can't cheat the people with any such tune,
Though they shout till they're hoarse, "This awful Commune."


In secret they met, a short time ago,
To map out the plan of the fall campaign show,
And said, "If we don't hurry up matters soon
We shall wear out the lies about the Commune."


There's our "Old Bloody Shirt," but its awfully torn,
It will have to be patched before it is worn,
And though we should flaunt it as high as the moon,
Voters ne'er will forget our howling "Commune."


We must call on Sherman and great Mogul Hayes,
To get their opinion about the best way
To stifle the crowd that are playing the tune,
Go straight to Old Nick with your howling "Commune."


But the people are coming, we can't keep them back,
These busy "Greenbackers" are clearing the track;
We are sick at the stomach, and ready to swoon,
The good Lord forgive us for howling "Commune."