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List of Members.

John Patterson,
E. S. Gregory,
T. T. Wing,
A. B. Green,
John Russell,
B. P. Brown,
G. Richardson,
Henry Safford,
J. G. Smith,
William Strong,
K. Jackman,
J. Merriman,
H. N. Perkins,
N. Saum,
Harry Joslyn,
Albert Olmstead,
J. L. Brown,
L. Auner,
G. E. Wood,
L. P. Wood,
H. N. Axtell,
S. Slater,
J. S. Russell,
Geo. Preston,
Henry Wager,
H. Burchfield,
H. N. Perkins,
J. P. Brown,
H. L. Boies
John Griggs,
A. R. Cahern,
E. S. Wilcox,
James Flint,
Wm. Flint,
J. W. Brown,
S. Mead,
O. E. Wilber,
A. H. Pond,
E. Stiles,
D. C. Green,
S. S. Russell,
M. Dunham,
C. Preston,
N. Raymond,
Wm. Hann,
H. F. Branch,
R. Ellwood,
Dr. McAlister,
W. Wylys,
James Stewart,
G. W. Drake,
A. Sowers,
M. Timmerman
A. W. Dibble,
Geo. Brown,
John Brown,
S. D. Whitney
E. P. Safford,
T. G. Knox,
I. C. Sherman,
J. A. Risdon,
A. M. Hill,
A. P. Stone,
Wm. A. Miller,
A. B. Lee,
H. H. Slater,
T. M. Farce,
G. Olmstead,
Frank Rairden,
N. Preston,
I. H. Jones,
S. Bean,
J. Heckman,
O. Harper,
A. P. Rogers,
H. Thomas,
Samuel Saum,
J. B. Saum,
Ephriam Hall,
John Flint,
Geo. Shurtleff,
Edwin Haight,
H. Patterson,
James Whipple,
J. Sivright,
Lloyd Carson,
Elihu Wright.



WHEREAS, We, the citizens of Genoa, Ill. and vicinity, under the existing state of things consider it incumbent, as heretofore, upon us, as a community who have mutual rights to protect ourselves and property, to reorganize this Society for the better protection thereof, and in case of theft mutually assist in a recovery, and use all deligence in capturing and bringing all thieves and robbers to justice that in any manner molests a member of this Society. We therefore pledge ourselves and each for himself a strict obedience and conformity to the following Constitution and By-Laws.


The name of this Society shall continue to be the Genoa Horse Thief Detective Club.


The officers of this club shall consist of, and rank as follows; President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Captain, a Finance Committee of three members and a Sentinel. All of whom shall be elected by ballot at the regular meeting of the club in September of each year and shall continue in office for one year and until their successors are elected or appointed in their places and are qualified.


It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings of the club, to determine all points of order and perform all his duties according to parliamentary laws; to sign all orders drawn on the Treasurer by order of the club, to call special meetings of the club whenever he may deem it necessary, He


shall notify as many members as convenient of such special meeting and cause a notice thereof to be posted at the Post-office in the village of Genoa as long before said meeting as possible.


It shall be the duty of the Vice-President to perform all of the duties of the President on his absence.


It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep a full true and correct record of the proceedings of the club, and he shall have the custody of the records of the club. He shall receive all money paid into the funds of the club, pay the same to the Treasurer and take a receipt therefor draw and countersign all orders which the club may order to be drawn on the Treasurer and conduct the correspondence of the club.


It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to receive all money belonging to the club from the Secretary and give him a receipt therefor and pay out the same only by order of the club. Captain (or President in Captain's absence) to give bond with good and sufficient security to be approved by the Finance Committee, which Bond shall run to the President and his successors in office for the benefit of the club conditioned in a sufficient amount that he will faithfully perform his duties as such Treasurer, and pay overto the proper authority or his succesors when qualified. All money or other property that may come into his possession, custody or charge, by reason or virtue of the said office, he shall report at such time the amount in his hands in detail to the Club, or Finance Committee, as either shall desire.



It shall be the duty of the Captain in case of Larceny or Robbery when properly notified, to take such action as he may deem necessary to capture any party supposed to be implicated or connected with such felony, or for the recovery of the stolen property, and for such purpose, he shall have power to order out any member or members hereof (who are not exempt from such duties) and direct what course he or they shall pursue.

He shall have power to draw money from the Treasurer to defray necessary expenses therefor provided he shall draw an order and receipt for such amount only as the circumstances may demand, and if any member or members refuse or neglect to obey such orders when so called upon, he or they shall pay one dollar each for each offence to the funds to the club, or forfeit his membership, or both, or render a satisfactory reason to the club.


It shall be the duty of the Finance Committee to approve of good and sufficient security, when offered by the Treasurer, on his bond, as provided in Article six. They shall investigate all bills or claims against the club and report to the club whether in their judgment such claim or demand should be allowed. They shall examine the books and accounts of the Treasurer and the receipts of the Secretary and report the condition to the club at the meeting in September in each year, and at such other times as the club may require.


It shall be the duty of the Sentinel to see that none but members hereof and that are entitled to protection by the rules of this club, are present at any meeting during the proceedings of the club.



In the absence of the Captain, his duties shall devolve on the President who shall have concurrent authority and be subject to like responsibilities as the Captain while so absent.


It shall be the duty of the President to appoint suitable members to act as officers, pro tem, in the absence of the regular ones in any meeting.


A person may become a member of this club whose residence is within eight miles of the place where the School House now stands, in the village of Genoa, Ill. This section shall not be construed so as to effect the rights of any member of this club provided such member resides within fifteen miles of the place on which said school house now stands.


All members applying for membership to this club shall be proposed by a member hereof, which proposition shall be in writing signed by such member, and shall state the name, residence and occupation of the applicant, and be accompanied with a fee of one dollar. The application shall be read by the Secretary to the club at the first meeting after receiving the same and shall not be voted upon by the club until the space of one month has elapsed since such reading, but a proposition duly received at a regular meeting may be acted upon at the first regular held thereafter.



SECTION 1. All members shall be elected by ballot and on receiving three negative votes be declared rejected and the fee refunded.

SEC. 2. Ballots for membership shall be taken at regular meetings only, and any person rejected shall not be eligible as a member hereof for the term of one year from the time such vote was taken.

SEC. 3. Not less than ten members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at any special meeting of the club, and six members shall be sufficient at regular meetings, for a quorum.

SEC. 4. Any member loosing his membership for any cause may be received again in the same manner as this club receives new members; but in all cases of fines and expulsion a motion to reconsider the same shall be in order if made in accordance with parliamentary laws.

SEC. 5. In case a vacancy occurs in the Board of officers such vacancy may be filled by special election at a regular meeting of the club, and such person or persons so elected shall hold the respective office or offices for the unexpired term of the person in whose stead they are elected.

SEC. 6. This club shall hold its meeting at such place as the club may from time to time determine, provided they shall be held at the usual place unless otherwise determined by a vote.

SEC. 7. The club may assess and vote a tax on each of its members, not exceeding two dollars on any member at any one time, provided the same shall be done at a regular meeting of the club.


SEC. 8. All of any bounty or reward paid to or due to any member of the club by reason of such member having captured or caused to be captured any thief or felon or stolen property, shall be paid to the Secretary hereof by such member as a portion of the funds of this club.

SEC. 9. The regular meeting of this club shall be on Saturday evening on or before the full of the moon in each month at six o'clock p. m., or as soon thereafter as a quorum is present. No person shall be present at any meeting of this club who is not a member hereof in good standing, and no officer or officers hereof shall preside or allow any proceedings or business transacted in this club, if any such person or persons are present, under penalty of expulsion as herein provided.

SEC. 10. No member shall be allowed to communicate in any way shape, manner or method, any of the proceedings had in the meetings of this club to any person or persons not members hereof and entitled to the protection of this club, under penalty of expulsion, as provided by the rules hereof. This section shall not apply, to any members for informing an applicant for membership of the result of a ballot thereon, nor, for informing a party when charged with an offense of the action of the club thereon.

SEC. 11. This club shall be at the expense of searching for any stolen property and thief, when the same has been taken from any member hereof, or if there is probable cause to suspect the commission of such crime, provided such member's rights are not impaired for any cause under the rules hereof provided; also, it shall be the duty of such member, as soon as there is probable cause to suspect that a larceny has been committed, forthwith to notify the Captain or


President hereof, or in their absence the officer next in rank, and provided further, that all such bills and items of expense shall be investigated by the Finance Committee, and if the same are allowed and paid, it shall be by vote of the club.

The widows and minor children of deceased members of this club shall be protected by this club and shall be subject to like assessments as other members.

SEC. 12. Any member violating any of the rules of this club, or of being guilty of conduct that in the views of a member of this club renders such person unfit for membership, may be tried by the club at a regular meeting, and if found guilty, fined or expelled, as the club may think proper, and the club, when it votes on any such trial shall vote on expulsion first, and if the vote results in not expelling, then it shall vote on the fine, provided in all such cases a complaint shall be filed with the Secretary, and read to the club one month previous to action thereon, or from one regular meeting of the club to its next, which complaint shall specify a time and place as near as known to complainant, and particularly describe the offense and the accused shall be furnished with a copy thereof by applying to the Secretary, and in all trials had under the rules of this club a two thirds vote of the members present at such meeting and trial shall be sufficient to convict or acquit, as the result may be.

SEC. 13. Any of the rules or by-laws, or articles in the constitution of this club may be altered or amended by a majority vote of the members present at any regular meeting, provided that any proposition for alteration or amendment shall be in writing and filed with the Secretary and read to the club at a regular meeting at least one month previous to being acted upon or from one regular meeting to next regular meeting.


SEC. 14. No member hereof whose assessments or dues are in arrears shall be protected by the club.

SEC. 15. The President, Secretary, and Treasurer of this club shall not be called upon and required by any officer hereof to pursue and assist in the capture of any thief or the recovery of property, but shall be exempt from such duty while they are such officers, provided such officers may, if they choose, assist in any such case on like terms as other members.

SEC. 16. All persons when properly elected and their fees duty paid, shall be received as members hereof upon signing the Constitution and By-Laws.

SEC. 17. All members who are not present at meetings of this club when assessments are made, shall be entitled to two weeks notice of such assessment from the Secretary hereof. Said notice shall be sent by mail addressed to such members at their post-office. The Secretary shall keep a record of the day he mails such notice or notices, and the time shall count from the day on which such notice is mailed.

SEC. 18. Every member of this club, present at meetings when this club is voting, shall be required to vote each time a vote is taken, unless such member is excused by the club, from casting his vote.

SEC. 19. No member who has been fined, for any offence under the rules of this club, shall be entitled to attend any meeting hereof, nor to any protection from the club, while such fine remains unpaid.

SEC. 20. The Secretary shall record the Constitution and By-Laws; as hereby adopted in the Record Book of the club.

SEC. 21. That no inconvenience may arise from the alteration and amendments, as made in the Constitution and By-Laws of this club by reason of this


revision, and to carry the same into complete effect, it is hereby ordered and declared.

SEC. 22, That all persons now filling any office or appointment in this club, shall continue in the exercise of the duties thereof, according to the respective rules of this club, until the expiration of the term for which they were elected or chosen, and it is also ordered and declared, that all rights, benefits, privileges, or property, or liabilities of the club, or any member hereof, existing before this revision, shall continue to exist, subject to the rules and regulations as hereby adopted.

SEC. 23. The officers elected at the first election held under these rules as hereby adopted, shall assume their respective duties at the expiration of the term for which the present incumbents were elected. And a Sentinel, as heretofore provided for, shall be elected by special election to hold his office until his successor is elected and qualified at the first annual election held by virtue hereof.

The following shall be the order of business until otherwise established.

Calling Meeting to order.

Reading and disposing of Minutes of previous meeting.

Balloting on Candidates.

Proposition for Membership.

Unfinished Business.

New Business.

Disposition of Bills and Claims.

Any Stolen Property to be reported.


We, the undersigned officers of the Genoa Horse Thief Detective Club, do hereby certify that the foregoing Constitution and By-Laws, were adopted and declared to be the rules for governing the transactions of said


club, and that the same were adopted at the regular meeting of the club, held at the Genoa School House, on the 20th day of February, A. D. 1875.

Done this 20th day of February, A. D. (1875) one thousand eight hundred and seventy-five.

B. P. BROWN, President
SYLVESTER MEAD, Vice-President
J. B. SAUM, Treasurer,
JAS. P. BROWN, Captain,
J. L. Brown, Finance Committee
A. H. Pond, Finance Committee
N. Saum, Finance Committee
JOHN BROWN, Secretary.