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No. 81. Paddle their own Canoe.

Tune: "Joe Bowers."

My name it is Pat Murphy,
I live on what I can;
I spent the best part of me life
In serving Uncle Sam.
I've heard the rebel bullets whiz
When Dixey's land I roamed;
But I didn't know they were plotting then
To rob me of my home.

I've voted for the good old P.
Just like a little man.
I hated all the Democrats
Like all Republicans.
They kept me hot a good long time
In throwing up their dirt;
And oh, my God, how made I got
To see the bloody shirt.

And just before election day
Their papers were all filled
With news, they claimed, just from the South
Of my niggers killed.
And then their boodle candidates
Were sure of their success;
The mortgaged home you live on
Will tell to you the rest.

Sure as Pat Murphy is my name
I've learned a thing or two;
The Farmers must all get in line
And paddle their own canoe.
For if they stick to party love,
And try to make it win,
Bedads, the devil will get us all,
And get us ready skinned.