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The Patron's Standard.


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Mrs. M. M. MOORE.

1. The rich may boast of a princely dower,
The great of a titled name,


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And the learned may crown their honored brows
With the laurel wreath of fame,
But a richer heritage is ours
Of valley and fertile plain,
All green with the waving of tasseled corn


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Or golden with ripened grain.

Oh! the very best of all the flags
That e'er have been unfurled,
Is the patron's standard, nobly borne
By the men who feed the world.

2. The night is passed, and for us hath dawned
The morn of a brighter day;
From the fettered mind and weary limb
The shackles have dropped away,
And we are to day the rightful peers
Of the proudest in the land;
In solid ranks for justice and right,
Our Order shall ever stand.


3. From the eastern coast to the sunset shore,
See our watch-fires light the gloom,
Where forests waved, and where deserts parched,
There is fruitfulness and bloom;
The gen'rous earth her blessing gives,
To crown the passing hours,
The autumn harvests, the summer fruits,
And springtime's budding flow'rs.


4. We've pledge each other to guard the right,
As true free-men ever should,
And the mystic tie binds heart to heart
In a holy brotherhood;
Then while our country boasts a name,
Or the stars look down to see,
We'll sow and reap 'neath the patron's flag,
And the banner of the free.