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Woman's Sphere.

The era of superstition and idolatry is dead, and from its mounding dust a new era has been born — an era of progress, advancement and equal rights. Let us welcome it with gladness.

Woman is no longer the slave of antiquity, nor her sphere bounded by walls of the kitchen or the cottages of a century ago; but she is the equal of man, not only in the domestic circle, but in the business affairs of life. Her sphere has been rapidly widening until today she is recognized as a worthy competitor of man in almost every calling where brain and tact are necessary to success. She is the queen of the home, mistress of the school room, and the pride of the counting house. She is leaving the dingy workshop, where muscle and endurance are the chief requisites for attaining excellence, and is entering the higher and more cultivated fields of action, where the elevating influence can have felt and appreciated. Actual experience has proved that she is more faithful to duty and can be trusted further than the average man, and that she actually excels him in the neatness and accuracy of her work.

There is a great demand for young women who have a practical education to enter the wide field of business as clerks, book keepers and cashiers, and having the capacity to act as such. Why should they not?

Women, as a rule, have a keener sense of right and wrong than men, and would not allow partyism to prejudice them against the good qualities of any one. In voting she takes or would take superiority of the candidates and the needs of the people into full and careful consideration, and as the result of her good judgment casts her vote where mankind would derive the most needed benefits from it. A woman's finer intellect and clearer insight enable her to fit herself for any position or office our land can give, and executive the duties of it with success and becoming dignity. She is held equally responsible for violation of the laws of our state, and why should she not have an equal right in making them? And echo answers, Why?

Jennie Franc Kungle.
Topeka, Kas.