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The Unseen City.

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Marietta Holley.
Theo. F. Seward.

1. Not far away does the bright city stand;
'Tis but the mist o'er its dividing stream
That wraps the glory of its glitt'ring strand,
Its radiant skies, and mountains silv'ry gleam;
Oh often in the blindness of our fate
We wander very near the city's gate.


The unseen city, the unseen city,
The city of our Savior, and the loved ones gone before.

2. We love that unseen city, and we yearn
Ever within our earthly homes to see
Its golden tow'rs that in the sunset burn,
Its white walls rising from the quiet sea;
Its mansions gleaming with immortal glow,
Filled with the treasure lost to us below.


3. Oh, that fair city, shining o'er the tide,
Thither we journey through the storm and night!
But soon shall we adown its still bay glide,
Soon will the city's gate gleam on our sight.
There with our own forever shall we be,
In that fair city rising from the sea.