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No. 22. The Granger's Yankeedoodle.


Geo. M. Wood.

1. Oh! Al and I went out to see
The plowboys on their ranchers;
We found them in a sycamore tree,
A studying different branches.

Yankeedoodle, farmer John,
Buy the babies candy;
Get your wife a new silk dress
Whenever it comes handy.

2. And when one branch they'd mastered quite,
They'd reach and get another
They said they's learned a thing or two
That farmers all were brothers.


3. And so they formed a little band,
And called it on Alliance
They strutted round like fighting cocks
And bid the world defiance.


4. They said the plan they hit upon
Put all men on a level;
The men outside would nod and wink,
And say "You'll play the devil."


5. And now they sing another tune,
And look amazed and wonder;
And say it's just as plain as day
That things are "going to thunder."


6. And now the granger gets his goods
Way down at bottom prices;
And pays the cash like money kings
For all his little spices.


7. And now my little song is done,
I'll bid you all adieu, sir;
For Al and I went down one night
And joined these grangers, too, sir.