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A National Hymn.

Tune: America.

1. God bless our native land;
All glorious and grand
To all oppressed;
No false light may they meet
To lure their gladsome feet,
When first they come to greet
This harbor blest.

2. God bless the United States,
May their wide-open gates
Lead on to peace;
To cities free from vice,
Pure from unholy strife;
Where plenty crowns the life
When wars shall cease.

3. God bless the people pure;
The voters who secure
Our righteous laws;
Men who will take no bride
Nor ever turn aside,
Tempted by pelf or pride,
From noble cause.

4. God bless our statesmen brave;
Who would our country save
By love of right;
Whose hate of sin and wrong,
Exalts above the throng
Who voice the earth-born song
That "might is right."

5. God bless the nation grand;
Whose fathers wisely planned
Themselves to free.
Now let Columbia pray
For freedom's noblest sway,
O'er self the mastery,
Nor slaves to be.