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From the Lone Star State.

Editor, People's Party Paper:

The reform is on a boom in Texas. The encampment season has arrived and the people are thoroughly a wake in Vansant country. We had a picnic on the 24th of June with 3,000 in attendance and a two days encampment in Mineola on the 30th, and 1st, with two or three thousand. We will have three days encampment at Ben Wheeler on the 26th, 27th, and 28th, of this month, and another at Myrtle Springs on the 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th, of August, and two more picnics, all in Vansant County. We will have 20 or 30 thousand people out at the springs during the four days encampment. We are to have encampments all over this state during this and next month.

In Texas where their speakers went out to battle for the dear old party they howled force bill. Negro supremacy, in all the countries where we had no Negroes, but in all the countries where the Negroes were in the majority they hugged them until they smelled like a Negro for a month after the election. In Cass they told the Negroes they should sit on the jury it they got in that county and for the first time in all my life they fulfilled their promise and they put them on the jury in Cass County. They have a Negro in Mineola, Wood County, who went out in the interest of the dear old Democratic sheriff of this county, and while engaged in his midnight revelry his fiendish partner was killed and he was shot, and he went to Mineola, Wood County, where he has been until his time.

In 1892 this fellow took the stump for Democracy and has been endorsed by leading Democrats for appointment as U. S. Minister to Haiti.

Honest, law abiding Negroes were threatened with eviction if they dared to exercise a freeman's right and vote the reform ticket.

The Negroes of Cass County say they understand the jury rackets: it is only a bribe to catch their votes. At the next election the better class of Negroes will vote the reform ticket, as the people's party alone stands for the rights of the laboring man.

Yours truly, G. T. Rhodes.