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No. 37. The Sugar-Coated Pill.


1. We've formed a just and bold Reform.
Yes, come, dear friends, aid the band
To rid our Nation of a curse,
And for our Equal Rights demand.

Of Liberty, fond Liberty,
What evolutions shall we see?
When honest Toilers take in hand
The Education of the land;
Then rally, ere the time has passed
To sway the "rod" from tyrant's grasp.

2. We used to be strong partisans,
And tho't that we were always right.
while marching on to battle schemes
Dishonest leaders laid to fight.


3. The party papers advocate,
The theories of Plutocracy;
While superstitious ignorance
Oft leads from True Democracy.


4. Yes. Party Politicians are
As sugar-coated pills to face;
Then, having reached a sought for goal.
Turn Tory to the human race.


5. They talk of Over-Production
As if they thought we did not know
That middle-men, and lack of cash.
Will hold the prices always low.


6. Republicans and Democrats.
Just think the matter o'er and o'er:
You're being swindled by their tricks.
So don't uphold them any more.


E. Z. Ernst.