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Beautiful Grange.


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Melody by J. R. THOMAS.
Arr. By J. L. O.

1. Beautiful Grange that we love,
Emblem of order and duty,
Fair as the planets above,
Leading our hearts by thy beauty,
Wisdom and friendship and peace,
Here in their brightness are dwelling.
Still may thy Patrons increase,
Ever in duty excelling.



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Grange of our hope and our pride,
Never from thee may we rove,
Trust in thy counsels abide.
Beautiful Grange that we love,
Trust in thy counsels abide,
Beautiful Grange that we love.

2. Banded in honor and joy,
Sweet is the tie that enfolds us,
Far be the hand would destroy,
Aught of the friendship that holds us,
Yielding, fair Grange, unto thee,
Homage and praise never dying,
Onward our pathway must be,
On heaven's bounty relying.