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My Little Boat.


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M. E. W.

1. I launched my boat my little boat,
With sails of gold and blue,
Upon the sea, whose mighty depth
And breadth I never knew;
I watched it drift far out of sight
With all the precious hoard
Of happy hope, of trust, of love,
That I for years had stored.

2. I waited on the lonely shore,
For many a weary day,
To see my boat come sailing back,
The boat I sent away.
For all the sea is flocked with sails,
And ships float up the bay,
Great ships returning with more spoil
Then all they took away.

3. But tho' my eyes are dim and old,
And all my youth is gone,
Still here upon the barren shore
I watch and wait alone.
My little boat, my pretty boat
With sails of gold and blue,
Still wanders on the wide, wide sea.
Whose breadth I never knew.