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Greenback Rally.


Words by W. S. LURTON. -- Air: "Our Country's Call."

O, come let us rally, yes, come every one,
Our country's in danger and calls for her sons,
Stay not with old parties, but come out like men,
And drive the old Shylock Jew back to his den.


We are coming, we are coming, we hear the loud call;
We'll rescue our country from bondholders' rule.

Let greenbacks be made legal tender for all
For soldiers, bondholders, each one, great and small,
For imports, for taxes, for me and for you,
As well as for Belmont, the old Shylock Jew.


Let's take the Rag Baby and pay off the debt,
And burn all the Bonds, and stop taxes, you bet!
The tramp shall find work, the hungry be fed,
And none shall be found vainly begging for bread.


Then come, honest freemen, come out in your might,
And show thieves and traitors we must have our rights
Then on, on to victory, bond thieves clear the way,
Our banners waving we'll soon gain the day.