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No. 69. Marching to Victory.



Come join this great Alliance, boys, and march to victory;
Come put the Union armor on; from bondage you'll be free,
And join it with a spirit to conquer or to die,
And we'll go marching to victory.

Arise! arise! your willing hands apply;
Arise! arise! and swing the banner high.
This shall be our motto, we'll waft it to the sky,
As we go marching to victory.

See Giant Combination rising in our land;
The Trusts control our commerce, their leaders give command;
Then forward, Union Labor, and equal rights demand,
As we go marching to victory.

Hear the voice of Congress, now; 'tis Tariff or Free Trade;
Monopoly rules the Government, the banker forms the grave;
You're swindled by the money sharks, we'll make the rascals fly
As we go marching to victory.

Here comes the good Alliance Train — my God! 'tis just in time
To save poor wretched families from poverty and crime.
The headlight turned toward Washington, and steam-guage running high,
As we go marching to victory.

Now keep the engine puffing, boys, and leave the narrow guage,
We'll run Monopoly from the throne, the Bankers from the stage;
We'll turn old Congress inside out, and set the Cabinet free.
As we go marching to victory.

Jas. L. McConnel.