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No. 70. The Banner of Freedom.

Tune: "Hull's Surrender."

Come, all ye friends of labor,
Wherever you may be;
Hoist the flag of Freedom.
And proclaim your liberty.
Our fathers fought the battle once —
I'm sure the cause was just;
We have got to fight it over,
To put down rings, pools, and trusts.

We are marching against the money power,
No time is to be lost,
We are going to have our freedom,
No matter what it costs.
Our forefathers fought for liberty,
And we must do the same;
To wear this yoke of tyranny
Is a scandal and a shame.

We'll wage this war all o'er our land.
And set our nation free!
We'll bear the toil, endure the pain,
Till we're crowned with victory.
Then come, my noble toiler,
And give to me your hand;
We will show them that the farmer
Is able to command.

Come, all ye brave young countrymen,
Girt on your sword and shield,
And march against monopoly —
We'd rather die than yield!
See that you banish tyranny
Wherever it be found,
And heal those bleeding farmers
Of such a doleful wound.

Equal rights are all we ask,
And those we're going to have,
If we'll stick to our integrity,
And free those toiling slaves.
Then come, my brisk young farmer,
Your motto, it should be,
When you march against those money sharks.
Death or victory.

And when this war is over,
And monopoly put down,
We will show that the farmers
Are men of high renown.
We will send our men to congress,
Who will make but wholesome laws,
And always willing for to work
In behalf of Freedom's cause.

I have sung you these verses —
I hope there's no offence:
I want you to peruse them.
Especially those who are on the fence.
And if you lack for courage
To battle with the brave,
Think of our forefathers —
Never fill a coward's gave.