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No. 76. In God let us Repose.



Ho freedom's sun is rising, and shining bright and clear,
Take heart ye toiling millions, no longer doubt or fear;
Arise with power and might now, give battle to our foes;
The horrison is clearing, in God let us repose.

Hurrah, hurrah! united we will stand,
And the oppressors power, take boldly from his hand.

Together we are marching, a host of brothers true,
We mean to take the goal too, for that is our just due,
We've suffered now too long though, from syndicates and rings,
No longer should we pay them two prices for all things.

Henceforth cooperation, our motto word should be,
And what we earn we've right to, that fact we all can see;
Come leave the rotten hulks now, ye discontented crews,
The Union Labor ticket, can make us "rich as Jews."

What is the use to labor and sweat day in, day out;
To support the greedy sharks, which thing we've been about,
They get their heads together, and plan to cheat us all,
No matter what we suffer; but justice now doth call.

No fusing with the "mugwumps," demo-republicans;
They're doomed to desolation, with all their wicked plans.
Stand firmly, close united, all ye who would obtain.
Your liberty from tyrants, in this our wide domain.

Our wrongs must all be righted, for justice cries aloud,
Iron will and courage, will rout the thieving crowd;
All vote the peoples ticket, its for the loyal host
And it must be supported, let what may be the cost.

ELISHA D. BLAKEMAN, Three Rivers, MIch.